Vultr: Changelog

– Fixed: added workaround for custom field bug
– Modified: set rdns on create
– Added: display IP reverse
– Added: additional logging
– Fixed: hook for non-vultr products
– Fixed: other bug fixes
– Fixed: bug fixes
– Modified: updated client area for WHMCS 6
– Added: additional information in client area (e.g. memory, cpus, disk space etc.)
– Added: additional information in admin area (e.g. memory, cpus, disk space etc.)
– Added: support for applications
– Added: VNC console in client area (warning: will display Vultr URL)
– Added: support for DNS
– Added: hook to check availability (note: must re-save products to activate)
– [added] Private networking enabled by default
– [added] Email admin when module create fails
– [added] Check cURL version
– [fixed] Bug where hidden images were displayed
– [fixed] Display correct password after reinstall
– [fixed] Set server label on create
– added option for client to change OS
– added ability to set rDNS for IPv6
– added reinstall option in client area
– added support for ipv6 when it becomes available
– added startup scripts
– added option to set rDNS in client area
– Create server
– Terminate Server
– Suspend/Unsuspend Server
– Reboot Server
– Start Server
– Halt Server
– Display IP/Password